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Second-hand books & music - bet 2

Hajmi204.19 Kb.


). AMP. 2 copies. Covers a little worn, contents very good. £6.00

Bruckner, Anton Erst Symphonie (1st Symphony in C minor) arr. piano solo by August Stradal. Universal Edition no. 787 (Subscription Copy). Stiff card covers have been annotated untidily in crayon and are obviously handled. But contents very good. Stradal has added the instrumentation throughout the score. £12.00

Zweite Symphonie (2nd Symphony in C minor) arr. piano solo by August Stradal. Universal Edition no. 426 (Subscription Copy). Stiff card covers have been annotated untidily in crayon and are obviously handled. But contents very good. Stradal has added the instrumentation throughout the score. £12.00

Funfte Symphonie (5th Symphony in C minor) arr. piano solo by August Stradal. Universal Edition no. 427 (Subscription Copy). Stiff card covers have been annotated untidily in crayon and are obviously handled. But contents very good. Stradal has added the instrumentation throughout the score. £12.00

Neunte Symphonie (9th Symphony ) und Te Deum arr. piano solo by Lowe & Schalk. Universal Edition (Subscription Copy). Rebound with hand- labelled card covers have been annotated untidily in crayon and are obviously handled. But contents very good. £12.00

Bruzdowicz, Joanna Esitanza pour piano a quatre mains (


). Choudens, A- £10.00

Bryan, Gordon Barbara Allen. OUP, 2pp. B+ £2.00

Bush, Alan Six Short Pieces. Roberton, A £5.00

Busoni, Feruccio Kammer-Fantasie uber Bizet’s “Carmen”. Breitkopf. Ex lib but very good and with transparent protection. £5.00

Buxtehude, Dietrich Vier Suiten fur


oder Laute . Engstrom & Sodring, A- £7.50

Piano Works (ed. E. Bangert). Wilhelm Hansen, A- £8.50

Byrd, William My Ladye Nevells Booke of Virginal Music (ed. Hilda Andrews with new intro. By Blanche Winogram). Dover Publicationms, A- £7.00

Camilleri, Charles Chemins. Cramer 1980. 6pp. A. £1.50

Etudes Book 3. The Picasso Set. Roberton, A- £7.00

Casadesus, Robert Huit Etudes. Durand, B+ £5.00

Casella, Alfredo Inezie (Riens….). Chester, B+ £6.00

Children’s Pieses. Universal Edn., A- £3.00

Chabrier, Emmanuel Pieces Pittoresques. Ten Pieces for the Piano. International Mus. Co., A- £10.00

Bourree Fantasque. Edwin Ashdown, A £4.00

Chamberlain, Ronald The Four Winds Suite. Curwen. Ex lib. in lib. hard binding. Four easy pieces, B £3.00

Chambers, Clifford A Sprig of Lilac. Alfred Oliver, 7pp. B £1.00

Chaminade, Cecile Five Popular Pieces of Moderate Difficulty: Danse Creole; Pavane; Rigaudon; Contes Bleus no. 2; Romance en re. Edwin Ashdown, A- £12.00

Seven Pieces of Moderate Difficulty Book 2: Serenade Espagnole; Ritournelle; The Silver Ring; Scherzo Symphonique; Pas des Sylphes; Madrigal; Les Noces d’Or. Edwin Ashdown, A- £12.00

Les Sylvains Op. 60. Enoch, B+ £3.00

Pas des Echarpes. Troisieme Air de Ballet. Enoch, B+ £4.00

Automne. Etude de Concert Op. 35. Enoch, A- £4.00

Automne. Etude de Concert Op. 35. Enoch, A £4.00

Chinese Piano Pieces (ed. Chow Chu-San). Hong Kong, the New Music Society. A £9.00

Ching, James Four Monographs. Forsyth, A- £3.00

Chopin, Frederic Ballades. Schirmer (vol. 31). 59pp, A+. £2.00

Concerto in E minor. Peters, 12pp. B £1.50

Concerto in F minor. (arr. Mikuli). Schirmer, A- £6.00

Konzert No. 1 in E minor. Peters, A £3.00

ditto, A £3.00

Ditto, A- 60p

Etudes. Schirmer’s Compl. Wks vol. 33 ed. Friedheim. B+ £4.00

Fantaisie Impromptu, op 66. Lengnick, A+. £1.00

Fantasie Impromptu op. 66. Augener, A £1.00

Fryderyk Chopin Complete Works vol. V. Scherzos (ed. Padarewski). Instytut Fryderika Chopina Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne, A £14.00

Impromptu no. 1. Augener. B £1.00

Impromptus. Schirmer (vol 1039). 32pp, A+ £2.00

Mazurkas (ed. Fielden & Craxton). Associated Board, B+ £4.50

Miscellaneous Compositions. Schirmer A- -£4.00

Nocturnes. Novello, B+ £5.00

Polonaise No. 1 in A . Augener, A- £1.00

Polonaises. Schirmer’s Compl. Wks vol 29 (ed Mikuli). A+ £3.50

Ditto A- £2.00

Rondos. Schirmer (vol 1184). 52pp, A+, £2.00

Rondos. Augener, B+ £4.00

Scherzi & Fantasy. Schirmer (vol 32). 113pp, A+. £3.00

Scherzo. Novello, A- £6.00

Sonatas (Op. 4, 35, 58). Peters100pp, A+ £3.50

Studies. Augener, A £7.50

Valse (posthumous) Op 69 no. 1. Schirmer, B £1.00

Cimarosa, D. 11 Sonatas Bk 1 (1 – 11). Broekmans & van Poppel, A £5.00

Clarke, Jeremiah Five Suites (Contemporaries of Purcell vol 5). Chester 1921. 24pp, nr fine. £2.00

Clementi, Muzio Sonatas for Pianoforte. Augener. Hardbound, very good. £25.00

Piano Sonata in D Op. 25, No. 6. Associated Board, A £1.50

Coates, Albert Four Old English Dances. Elkin, A- £2.50

Suite Ancienne (d’apres les vieux maitres). Elike, A- £6.00

Coates, Eric From the Coutry-Side (In the Meadows; Among the Poppies; At the Fair). Hawkes, B £4.00

In Town Tonight (Knightsbridge from the London Suite). Chappell, B. £1.00

Springtime Suite (Fresh Mornin; Noonday Song; Dance in the Twilight). Chappell, B+ £5.00

Sweet Seventeen. Chappell, A £2.00

Joyous Youth. Chappell, 23pp. B- £4.00

Miniature Suite (arr. Coates). B & H, 21pp. B £4.00

London Bridge March. Chappell, 7pp. B- £1.50

From the Countryside (In the Meadows; Among the Poppies; At the Fair). Hawkes & Son, copyright 1916. Decorative covers, 25pp. B £4.00

Three Bears Phantasy (from the fairy story of Goldilocks & the three bears). Chappell, B. £7.50

Album of Pianoforte Arrangements of Ten Popular Songs by E.C. (includes “Sleepy Lagoon”. Chappell, B, £5.00

Eight Movements from the Famous Suites of Eric Coates (Oxford Street March from “London Again”; A Song by the Way from “From Meadow to Mayfair”; Fresh Morning from “Springtime”; Eastwards from “Four Ways”; At the |Dance from “Summer Days”; The Man About Town from “The Three Men”; Serenade from “Joyous Youth”; Westminster from “London”). Chappell, B £4.50

Coleridge-Taylor Four Characteristic Waltzes. Novello. 19pp, B+ £1.50

Three Dream Dances. Ascherberg. 18pp, B. £2.50

Othello Suite. Metzler 1912. 20pp, B+. £4.00

Othello Suite. Cramer 20pp. A- £2.50

Nourmahal’s Song & Dance op 41. Augener. 2 movemts: allegretto & allegro vivace. 11pp, B+ £4.00

Minnehaha Suite (Laughing Water; The Pursuit; The Love Song; The Homecoming). Hawkes, 31pp. B £7.00

Three Silhouettes. Edwin Ashdown, A- £9.00.

Three Impromptus. A Weekes, B+ £3.00

Cooper, Paul Partimento. Chester 1970. 8pp. A. £1.50

Couperin, Francois Pieces de Clavecin Livre III (transc. Louis Diemer). Durand, hardbound. C+ £12.00

Le Carillon de Cithere. Augener, A- £4.00

Le Carillon de Cythere (revd. Grovlez). Chester, A- £2.50

La Bandoline. Durand, B £3.00

Craxton, Harold Silciliano and Rigadon. OUP, 7pp. B £1.50

da Falla, Manuel Two Spanish Dances No. 1: La Vie Breve. Chester, B £2.00

Serenata Andaluza. Union Musical Espagnola, B+ £6.00

Dance of the Neighbours/Danse des Voisins (Seguidillas). Chester, A £5.00

Pieces Espagnoles: Aragonesa;Cubana; Montanesa; Andaluza. Durand, B+ £7.50

Danse de Meunier (El Sommbrero de Tres Picos). Chester, A- £4.50

Two Spanish Dances No. 1 . Chester, B+ £2.00

Dalby, Martin Piano Sonata. Novello, A+ £6.00

Debussy, Claude Ce qu’a vu le vent d’Ouest. Durand, 7pp. B £2.00

Children’s Corner. UMP, A £4.50

Clair de Lune. UMP, A- £2.00

Clair de Lune. UMP, A £3.00

Claude Debussy Masterpieces (Nocturne in D flat; Ballade; D’un Cahier d;Esquisses; Fetes; Marionettes; Mazurka; Nuages; Prelude; Reverie). Edward B. Marks, B- £4.50

Cortege (


; from Petite Suite) UMP, 15pp, A. £2.00

Elegie. Jobert, A £2.00

En Bateau. UMP, 7pp. A. £1.50

General Lavine – eccentric (from 2nd bk preludes). Durand, 7pp. A- £300

Gollywog’s Cake-Walk. UMP, 5pp. A. £2.00

Gollywog’s Cake-walk. UMP, 5pp. B+ £1.50

Hommage a Haydn. Peters 1975. 6pp. A. £1.80

Ditto ed Swarsenski. Peters, A+ £1.50

The Little Negro. Alphonse Leduc, B- £2.00

Menuet (


; from Petite Suite) UMP, 7pp, A. £2.00

Minstrels (from Preludes Bk. 1). UMP, A- £2.50

Petite Suite (transcr. Durand). Durand, 23pp. A £3.50

Prelude “L’Aprés-Midi d’un Faune” . Piano solo (some parts written in 3 & 4 staves). Jobert B+ £6.00

Prelude, Sarabande, Toccata. Eugene Fromont, 27pp C+ £2.50

Preludes, Bk 1. UMP, B+ £3.00

Preludes, Bk 1. UMP, B- £2.50

Pour le Piano: Prelude; Sarabande; Toccata. Fromont 1901. C+. £3.00

Reflets dans l’eau. UMP. C+. £1.00Serenade for the Doll. UMP, A. £1.50

Suite Bergamasque. Jean Jobert (copyright Fromont). B- £4.00

De Falla, Manuel Pieces Espagnoles. Durand 25pp, C. £4.00

Danse du Corregidor (from The Three Cornered Hat). Chester, 4pp B+ £2.50

Dance of the Neighbours (from the 3-cornered Hat). Chester, 8pp. A £2.50

Ritual Fire Dance. Chester, B £1.50

Siete Canciones Populares Espanolas. Max Eschig, A- £11.00

Defay, Jean-Michel Suite. Leduc 1953. 14pp. Fine £3.00

Delibes, Leo Naila: Intermezzo & Fox Trot arr. Arthur Lange. Lawrence Wright, A- £4.00

La Source (arr. Edric Cundell). W. Paxton, B+ £3.00

La Source. Suite from the Ballet arr. E. Cundell. Paxton, A £5.50

Delius, Frederick Serenade from Hassan. B & H, B £1.00

Two Pieces for Small Orchestra arr. piano solo: On hearing the first cuckoo in spring; Summer night on the river. OUP. Ex lib with usual stamps. Hardbound in lib. binding, but good. £2.50

Two Pieces for Small Orchestra(arr. G. Bunk). OUP, A £2.00

Irmelin Prelude (arr. E. Fenby). Winthrop Rogers, A- £5.00

Two Pieces for Small Orchestra. OUP, B+ £2.00


Five Piano Pieces. Universal Ed,., A- £6.00

Dance for


. Hawkes & Son, A £2.50

On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring; Summer Night on the River. Tischer & Jagenberg, A- 4.00

Three Preludes. OUP, A £4.00

Air and Dance (arr. E. Fenby). Winthrop Rogers, A- £2.00

Dello Joio, Norman Piano Sonata No. 3. Carl Fischer. Ex lib but very good with transparent protection.


De Loetz, Paul Caprice Etude. Freeman 7pp B+ £1.00

Demuth, Norman Prelude, Air and Toccatella for clavecin or piano. Augener, A- £8.00

De Severac, Deodat Piano Album (Cerdana; Stances a Madame de Pompadour; En Languedoc; Le Chant de la Terre; En Vacances (1 & 2); Pippermint-Get; Bagneuses au Soleil; Les Naiades et le Faune Indiscret). Salabert. Almost as new. £14.00

Dexter, Harry Wistful Columbine; scene de ballet. Criterion 1937. 6pp, pictorial cover, A- £2.50

Diabelli, Antonio Pieces Melodiques Op. 149 (


). Editio Praga. Ex lib but very good. £10.00

Diamond, David Sonata for Piano. Southern Music Publ. 66pp. A+ £12.00

Docker, Robert Legend. Lawrence Wright 1950, 6pp. A. £1.50

Dohnanyi, Erno Selected Piano Compositions (6 concert studies; Variations; Pastorale; Ruralia Hungarica). Boosey & Hawkes. Ex lib. with usual signs. Hardbound in lib. binding using original covers. V.good. £15.00

Variations on a Nursery Rhyme (


). Lengnick 1929, 64pp. A. £4.00

Suite in the olden style Op. 24. Lengnick/Simrock, A- £13.00

Drigo, R. Serenade from Les Millions d’Arlequin. Chester 1998 (?). 7pp. A. £0.80

Driver, Percival Four Sketches. OUP, B- £3.50

Dvorak, Antonin Pianoforte Album (8 pieces). Lengnick, 34pp. B- £3.00

Slavonic Dances, vol 2 (


). Simrock, 37pp, A. £3.50

16 Slavonic Dances Book II (Nos. 5-8). Piano


. Lengnick, A- £4.00

16 Slavonic Dances Op. 46 Book II (nos. 5-8). Lengnick, A £6.50

16 Slavonic Dances Op. 72 Book II (nos. 13-16. Lengnick, A £6.50

16 Slavonic Dances Op. 72 Book I (nos. 9-12). Lengnick, A £6.50

Slavonic Dances Nos. 5 – 8. Lengnick, A £5.00

Selection from Symphony in E min (New World). Lengnick, A. £2.00

Silhouettes op 8. Supraphon Critical Edn 1955.46pp+ notes. A £2.50

Humoreskes Op. 101. Lengnick, A £7.00

Durand, Auguste Premiere Valse. U.M.P., A £5.00

Dussek, J.L. 6 Sonatinas. Augener. 39pp. A. £3.50

Les Adieux; Rondo. Banks 7pp. B+. 30p

Rondo on the tune "Oh dear, what can the matter be". Francis Day 1958. 7pp. A. £2.00

Duvillier-Wable, Laurent Sonata VI “Harmonology”. Leduc, inscribed and signed, possibly by the composer. A £20.00

Dyson, George Primrose Mount. Cramer, B

Eckhardt-Gramatte, S.C. From my Childhood Volume 1: 14 Alphabet Pieces. Waterloo, A £6.50

Elgar, Edward Pomp & Circumstance no 1 in D. B & H. 11pp. A. £2.40

Piano Album (arr Desmond Ratcliffe) Novello, 27pp, A+. £1.80

Chanson de Matin. Novello, 5pp. B. £1.00

Dream Children; 2 pieces for solo piano. Faber 7pp. A, £3.00

Variations on an Original Theme. Novello, B+ £10.00

Pomp & Circumstance Military March no. 4., B £3.50

Three Bavarian Dances Op. 27 (nos. 1, 2 & 3 of “from the Bavarian Highlands”. Joseph Williams, B+ £4.00

El-Khoury, Bechara Sonate Op. 35. Max Eschig A £10.00

Espla, Oscar Impresiones Musicales (Cuentos Infantiles). Union Musical Franco-Espagnol, B+ £12.00

Ewing, Montague The Wand of Harlequin Suite. West’s, B+ £4.50

Silhouettes 1st Selection (5 pieces). Gould & Bolttler B+ £4.50

Faith, Percy Swedish Rhapsody. Campbell Conolly 1953. 3pp. A. 80p

Farjeon, Harry A Melody (from “Five Pieces”). Easy. Edwin Ashdown, A- £2.00

A Little Study (from “Five Pieces”. Edwin Ashdown, easy. A- £2.00

Farnaby, Giles Pawles Wharfe. Cramer, A- £2.50

Fassbaender, Peter Sketches (Skizzen; Esquisses) Op. 11. Rudolf Tanner, A- £5.00


Faure, Gabriel 4th Barcarolle. Hamelle, 7pp. A- £2.00

2nd Impromptu Op. 31. Leduc, A £4.50

Dolly Op. 56 for piano


UMP, A £4.00

Dolly Op. 56. Six Pieces for piano (solo). Hamelle, A- £7.00

4th Nocturne. Hamelle, B+ £3.00

Ferguson, Howard Five Bagatelles. Hawkes. Ex lib hard bound with Alwyn’s Sonata alla Toccata, Berkeley’s Concert Study in E flat, Bliss’ Study, Ireland’s Rhapsody, Moeran’s Bank Holiday & Rubbra’s Prelude & Fugue. V.good £7.00

Ditto, A- £2.00

Ditto, A £2.00

Fibich, Z. Poem/ Alla Schumann. Urbanek, Prague. A- £1.00

Field, John Eighteen Nocturnes (revd. by Liszt). Schirmer, A- £4.50

Finck, Herman Two Little Dances (A La Minuet; A La Gavotte). Hawkes & Son, A- £5.00



Finnissy, Michael Gershwin Arrangements (difficult but splendid). OUP, A £9.00

Fischer, Edwin Kadenzen zu sieben Klavierkonzerten von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Schott’s. . Ex lib with a few stamps. Hardbound in lib. binding. V.good £8.00

Fischer, J.K.F. Ausgewahlte Klavierwerke (for


or organ). Schott, A £6.00

Fletcher, Percy E. Rustic Levels. Chappell 1918. 25pp, B £3.00

Foster, Ivor Up and Away. Josef Weinberger, A £3.50

Franck, Cesar Prelude, Chorale & Fugue. Schirmer, A- £5.00

Prelude, Choral et Fugue. Edwin Ashdown, B+ £3.00

Short Piano Pieces (all but 2 of these easy pieces were written for the harmonium, but were never published before the composer died). Peters, A- £4.00

Fraser-Simson, H. The Maid of the Mountains (selection from). Ascherberg 1917, 17pp. B+. £2.00

Nine more favourite tunes …. From When We Were Very Very Young. International Music Co., A- £8.00

Frescobaldi, Girolamo Toccata e Fuga in la minore (transcr. O. Respighi). Ricordi, C+ £4.00

Passacaglia (transcr. O. Respighi). Ricordi, C+ £4.00

Fricker, Peter Racine Twelve Studies Op. 38. Schott, A £9.00

Friml, Rudolf California Suite. Lengnick 1910, 23pp. B £2.50

Froberger, J.J. Gigue & Sarabande. Cramer, A- £2.00

Meister Des Cembalos/Masters of the


. Peters, A- £6.50

Six Suites for Piano. Bosworth, B+ £5.00

Galuppi, Baldassare Sonata in D major. Francis, Day & Hunter, A- £3.50

Gardiner, Balfour Prelude (De Profundis) Forsyth 1925 5pp. £3.00

Five Pieces (no. 3 is “London Bridge”. Forsyth Bros. C+ £2.50

Salamanca (difficult). Forsyth Brothers, C+ £4.00

A Sailor’s Piece. Schirmer, B £2.50

Noel. Schirmer, B £2.50

Gavotte. Schirmer, B+ £2.50

Jesmond. Schirmer, B+ £2.50

Clun. Schirmer, B+ £2.50

Melcombe. Schirmer, B+ £2.50

2nd Prelude. Int. Mus. Co. B- £3.00

Garratt, Percival Dance Miniatures (Musette; Mazurka; Gavotte). Hinrichsen 1939. 7pp, A- £2.50

Geminiani, Francesco Minuet No. 1 from Pieces for Clavichord (ed. D.E. Bayford). Francis, Day & Hunter, A £4.50

German, Edward 3 Dances Nell Gwyn. Chappell 1900. 15pp. B. £3.00

3 Dances Henry VIII. Novello 1892. 16pp. B. £4.00

3 Dances from Tom Jones. Chappell, 14pp. B- £2.00

4 Dances from Merrie England. Chappell, 15pp. B- £1.50

3 Dances from Nell Gwyn. Chappell 1900. 17pp. B. £1.50


Selection from the Comic Opera, A Princess of Kensington (arr. Godfrey). Chappell, 16pp. C+ £3.50

Six Popular Pieces of Moderate Difficulty (Bourree; Graceful Dance; Melody in E flat; Reverie; Valsette; Minuet in G). Edwin Ashdown, A- £4.00

Gershwin, George Rhapsody in Blue. Chappell, B- £5.00

Rhapsody in Blue (


). Chappell, A. £3.00

Gershwin at the Keyboard. Chappell. Comprises: The man I love; I’ll build a stairway; Do it again; Fascinating rhythm; Oh, lady be good, Somebody loves me; Sweet and low down; Clap yo’ hands; Do do do; My one and only; ‘S wonderful; Strike up the band; I got rhythm, Who cares?; That certain feeling; Liza. A- £7.50

Preludes for piano. Chappell A £3.50


Gibbons, Orlando Eight Keyboard Pieces. Stainer & Bell 1967. 16pp. A. £4.00


Complete Keyboard Works vol. 5 (transcr. M.H. Glyn). Stainer * Bell C+ £5.00

Gibbs, C. Armstrong Three Sketches. Elkin, A £6.00

Four Preludes. Curwen, A- £6.50

Gilbert, Anthony Sonata for piano. Schott, B £3.50

Ginastera, Alberto Suite de Danzas Criollas. Barry & Cia, A- £10.00

Tres Danzas Argentinas. Ricordi, A £6.00

Glazounov, Alexandre Theme et Variations Op. 72. Belaieff, B+ £12.00

Godard, Benjamin Second Mazurka. Edwin Ashdown, A £3.00

Golestan, Stan Thème, Variations, Danse. Durand, Covers neatly repaired, contents very good. £12.00

Goossens, Eugene Kaleidoscope. Chester . 25pp. A. £4.00


Hommage a Debussy. Chester, A £6.00

Gounod, Charles Faust. 11 piano solos and 6 songs with pf accompaniment. Folio size. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, B+ £8.00

Grainger, Percy Cradle Song (Brahms) setting. Schott, A- £3.50

Country Gardens (original version). Schott, B+ £2.50

Country Gardens Handkerchief Dance. Schott, A- £3.00

First Movement of Schumann’s Piano Concerto (arr. P.G., sometimes on three staves) Schirmer, A £5.00

Gay but Wistful from the suite, “In a Nutshell”. Schirmer, B+ £5.50

The Gum-Sucker’s March form the suite, “In a Nutshell). Schirmer, B £4.00

Handel in the Strand. Schott. 7pp. A. £2.50

Handel in the Strand. Schott, B+ £2.25

Handel in the Strand. Schott, B+ £2.50

Hornpipe from the Water Music (Handel) setting. Schott, A- £4.00

Irish Tune from County Derry. Schott, 7pp. B- £1.50

Irish Tune from County Derry. Schott, B+ £2.50

Knight & Shepherd’s Daughter. Schott, A- £3.50

Lullaby from “Tribute to Foster”. Schott. Difficult. B £6.00

Mock Morris (popular version). Schott. 10pp. B. £2.00

Mock Morris (concert version). Schott, B- £3.50

Near Woodstock Town (Old English Song) Grainger Society/Bardic Edition, A £1.50

Now, O now, I need must part ((Dowland) setting. Schott, A- £3.50

Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky’s “Flower Waltz”. Schott, B+ £5.00

Piano Album (A Grainger Centenary Edn.). Comprises 16 works. Schirmer, A- £12.00

Sentimentals No. 1, Colonial Song (includes 2 wordless vocal lines but can be played solo piano). Schott, B+ £6.00

Shepherds Hey. Schott. 10pp. B+. £3.00

Shepherd’s Hey (simplified version). Schott, B+ £2.00

Shepherd’s Hey (original version). Schott, A £4.00

Spoon River (American Folk Music Settings Nr. 1). Schott, A- £4.00

The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol. Schott, B_ £6.00

Granados Danza Espanola No 4 (Villanesca). Union Musical Espanola, n.d. A. £2.50

Danzas Espanolas vol II (Villanesca; Andaluza; Rondella Aragonesa

Danzas Espanolas vol iv (X, XI, XII). U. Mus. Espanolas, 19pp. B £2.00

Andaluza. Chester, 6pp. B+ £2.00

Greaves, Terence Swinging Rhymes. Ten Pieces in Popular Styles (easy). Ass. Board, A £2.00

Danza VI, Rondalla Aragonesa. Union Musical Espanola, 5pp. A- £2.00

Grieg. Bridal Procession Op. 19, No. 2. Novello, A £5.00

Butterfly. Peters. 7pp. A, £1 .80

Butterfly. Novello, B+ £1.00

Butterfly. Novello B+ £1.00

Collection of various works including Peer Gynt, amateurishly bound with Beethoven’s Pathetique!. Good working copy. £3.00

Concerto A minot Opus 16 (abridged & arr. Wilhelm Weismann). Peters, A £3.00

Erotik. Peters, B- £1.50

Favourite Compositions. 19 pieces. Paxton, B+ £1.50

Grieg. Fifty Compositions. Ashdown, A- £9.00

Grieg his greatest piano solos. Copa publishing, A- £5.50

Lyric Pieces. Peters, B+ £2.00

Lyric Pieces. Peters, B+ £2.00

Lyric Pieces III Op. 43. Novello, B+ £2.50

Lyrical Pieces Book 1 (8 pieces). Joseph Williams, B £2.00

Eight Lyric Pieces. Duff, Stewart, C+ £1.50

Norwegian Dances. Peters, C+ £1.70

Notturno. Peters, A £1.50

Peer Gynt Suite. EvansC+ £1.30

Piano Album (26 short pieces). M.S.M, 48pp, A. £1.50

Sigurd Jorsalfar. Peters. 19pp. B- £2.00

Triumphal March Op. 56, No. 3. Peters, B+ £2.50

Two Elegiac Melodies Op. 34/ Novello, B+ £3.50

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen. MSM, 11pp. A £2.00

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen. Schirmer, A £2.50

Wedding Day. Augener, 11pp. B- £1.50

Grovlez, Gabriel Fancies (7 pieces). Augener, C+ £4.00

Halffter, Rodolfo Once Bagatelas Op. 19. Union Musical Espanola, A- £8.00

Sonata Op. 16. Union Musical Espanolas, A- £13.00

Hall, Richard Three Lyric Pieces op. 14. Hinrichsen 1946. 7pp. A. £4.00

Hamilton, Alasdair Scherzo for piano


. The Keys of Canterbury. Roberton, A- £2.50

Handel, G.F. Blacksmith Var. Henle, A+. £2.00

The Cuckoo & the Nightingale (from 13th Organ Concerto).


Francis Day, B £5.00

Harmonious Blacksmith. Augener, B- £1.20

Fantasia in C. (arr von Bulow). Stainer & Bell. A+ £1.00

Suites I – VIII ed. Ruthard. Peters, B+ £4.00

Eight Great Suites Book I: Suites Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4. Associated Board, A £3.50

Suite IX-XVI. Peters, A £9.00

Suite No. IX. Peters, A £5.50

Suite No. IX. Peters, A £5.50

Suite from the Water Music (Bourree, Air, Hornpipe)


. Oxford, 7pp. B+ £1.50

Lecons, Chaconne, Pieces, Fugues. Ed. Ruthard. Peters, B £8.00

Water Musick (arr. Bantock). Paxton, A “£

Harris, Cuthbert Introduction and Fugato. Warren & Phillips, A- £5.00

Serenade. Warren & Phillips, B+ £4.00

Hartley, Fred. Album of Special Piano Transcriptions (Good-bye blues; Why did I kiss that girl?; Sweet and lovely; If you knew Susie; Love me or leave me; Last night in the back porch. B £5.00

Hausmann, Theodor Neun Klavierstucke fur die Jugend Op. 15. Kahnt, B+ £12.00

Hawes, Jack Three Whimsical Pieces (easy). Roberton, A £3.00

Haydn, Joseph Piano Sonata 33. Augener. 11pp. B. £1.50

Gipsy Rondo. Lengnick Godd. B. £1.20

20 sonatas selected by A. Shealy. Ashley Publ. A+ £4.00

8 selected sonatas (ed Raymar). Assd Bd £2.00

Sonata in C (English Sonata). Associated Board, A £2.00

Sonata no 2 in E min. Ashdown, A. £1.00

Sonata no. 4 in G minor. Augener, B+ £1.50

Piano Sonatas vol III (nos. 24 – 33). Peters, 94pp. Fine £3.00

Gypsy Rondo. Banks, A £1.50

Eight Selected Sonatas. Associated Board, A £4.00

Symphony No. 2 (“The London”). Arr. Max Pauer. Augener’s B+ £6.50

Hedges, Anthony Five Preludes. Novello 1966. 11pp. A. £1.50

Heller, Stephen Thirty Progressive Studies Op 46. Schirmer, A- £4.00

Thema mit Variationen uber “Warum” von Schumann. Op. 142. Breitkopf & Hartel, B+ £5.00

Hengeveld, Gerard Partita Rhythmique. Broekmans & Van Poppel. Ex lib but very good and with transparent protection. £8.50

Hindemith, Paul Ludus Tonalis. Schott, A £4.25

Ludis Tonalis. Schott. B (spine repaired neatly (not sello- or parcel tape) £3.00

Hoddinott, Alun Sonata No. 3. Novello. Ex lib but very good and with transparent protection. £4.00

Sonata for

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