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Personnel motivation

The Corporation successfully uses up-to-date wage system which establishes dependence of remuneration on employees performance assessment results and is based on the concepts of external competitiveness and internal justice of remuneration, as well as easy process of its administration.

The Corporation wage system is based upon salary and bonus payment. Official salary (tariff rate) is fixed for each employee on the basis of 20-wage category tariff scale.

Payment for work is effected based upon employment agreements concluded with employees with due regard for production activity results and work load of divisions.

Indexation of wages of the Corporation employees is carried out in accordance with the approved regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, branch, tripartite regional and municipal agreements. Social protection of the employees is assured at the expense of Corporation financial resources.

In order to raise labor productivity and enhance quality of output, the Corporation introduced personnel evaluation systems and quarterly bonuses by the results of Work Program performance

Encouragement for professional achievements of RSC Energia specialists and workers is one of the most important morale and material incentives. In 2014, 342 RSC Energia’s employees were recommended for decorations of the Russian Federation, Federal Space Agency, Moscow Region Governor, Korolev’s administration and the Government of Moscow Region. Also the employees are given honorary titles under Labor Cody of RSC Energia, with payment of bunuses for high performance in their specialized fields of activity.

Social policy

Social policy is concentrated on ensuring social protection of the employees facilitating thereby achievement of RSC Energia objectives set. Continuous monitoring of efficiency in social measures being put into effect allows to optimize costs of social policy implementation.

In its internal and external relations the Corporation seeks to develop its image as a socially responsible employer and maintain a high level of employees’ loyalty. All our employees have equal opportunities to take advantage of the Corporation social package.

Corporation is one of the city-forming businesses of Korolev city, Moscow Region, and takes part on a continuous basis in implementing comprehensive municipal social-economic programs. Funds for social infrastructure developments are allocated under the agreements concluded with executive and municipal bodies based upon mutually beneficial cooperation.

2014 saw an active implementation of the following long-term social programs:

RSC Energia social policy directions:

Social policy directions are implemented via the Collective Agreement. As part of the social partnership, the Corporation hosts annual conferences attended by the employer’s, work collective and trade-union committee representatives where progress in the collective agreement implementation and approval for a current period is discussed.

The Corporation implements successfully its housing program which makes it possible for the employees to get a room in a hotel housing paid for under contract of rental of residential premises or buy personal comfortable apartment in a new house.

In 2014 construction of a new residential area in Korolev was underway. More than 2 000 employees of the Corporation could buy apartments in the 4 houses put into operation at a preferential price.

Two hotels where live 219 young employees are owned by the Corporation. 233 employees of the Corporation and their families members live in dwelling houses paid for under contracts of rental of residential premises.

Housing program envisages step-by-step improvement of living conditions for the employees living in hotels and housing paid for by way of shared participation in construction. In some cases the Corporation, partially reimburses employees for expenses on utilities payment and renting.

Kindergarten located in two buildings at different city districts is available for the Corporation employees children.


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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Personnel development and social policy

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Personnel development and social policy

Personnel policy

Key factor of RSC Energia sustained development is a coordinated and responsible activity of all Corporation employees.

Professional, highly qualified and motivated staff is one of the chief assets of the Corporation and the key to its future success. Therefore, continuous improvement of personnel policy is one of the priorities established in our Corporation.

Concepts of the Corporation personnel policy:

  • Adherence to the traditions established by the General Designer, academician S.P. Korolev: to be pioneer in space exploration, go ahead despite all hardships and temporary setbacks.

  • Unity and cohesion of the collective for carrying out tasks set; coordination of the Corporation objectives and employees.

  • High professionalism and responsibility of the employees for their performance ensuring efficient production of advanced rocket-space technology and competitiveness on the market of space services.

  • Increased personal interest of each employee in achieving high production results.

  • Affording an opportunity for a maximum development of human resources potential, the most important competitive edge of the Corporation.

  • Creating normal conditions of life and ensuring social protection of the employees and their families members, as well as promotion of job satisfaction with work in the Corporation and feeling of pride for belonging to the Corporation.

The main objectives of the personnel policy:

  • Satisfying the Corporation requirements for manpower in terms of quality and quantity and a new quality level of personnel potential:

    • Increased employment of promising young specialists and skilled production workers;

    • Maintaining continuity of work on rocket-space technology development;

    • Rotation of managers and appointment of young managers from personnel reserve;

    • Optimizing ratio between key production personnel and office and management personnel;

    • Ensuring career development and promotion in the Corporation due to only a high level of professionalism, achievement of steadily high work performance, loyalty to the corporate values.

  • Each employee is motivated towards meeting the Corporation objectives and raising labor productivity at the expense of the following:

    • Training of personnel in state-of-the art technologies of rocketry development;

    • Modern outfitting of work places;

    • Material incentives for personnel based upon annual assessment of employees performance.

  • Establishing personnel management system which would allow the Corporation to achieve steady status of socially responsible employer which offers a competitive benefits package both in the region and in the industry.

  • Achievement by the Corporation of the level of social responsibility and protection of its employees which will facilitate meeting the strategic objectives set by RSC Energia.

As on 31.12.2014, the staff number of RSC Energia together with ZAO ZEM RSC Energia was 14 157 persons; in 2013 the staff number was 14 357 persons; in 2012 it amounted to 14


409 persons; in 2011 it constituted 14 955 persons. The Corporation is focused on maintaining stable staff number while improving quality of personnel. The main factor specifying its staff number is the volume of work to be performed by RSC Energia.

Corporation personnel structure by education, persons

5 119

1 876



1 194

3 004



1 368




In 2014, the number of young employees up to30 years amounted to 2 415 persons. In so doing, the age group between 51 and 60 yeas was dominant (4 412 persons); also the age group older than 61 is large enough (2 941 persons). In 2014 middle age of the Corporation employees was 47,8 years.

Corporation personnel structure by age, persons

2 415

2 173

2 216

4 412

2 423


30 years and younger

older than 71





RSC Energia personnel development programs implemented in 2013



Career guidance activities in elementary, secondary and higher educational institutions

  • Tours of the enterprises and excursions to the Corporation museum (46 excursions for 809 schoolchildren and 597 students were carried out)

  • Classes in Korolev schools

  • International space contest devoted to the 80th anniversary of Yu.A. Gagarin birth (230 pupils and students, including those from Great Britain, Germany, Israel).

Adaptation of young specialists and workers

  • Training of 120 young specialists in the Corporation employed during 2013-2014 period.

Development of promising young employees within the framework of training of potential personnel reserve

  • Self-improvement and consulting co-workers in accordance with individual career development plans. Training of 94 young specialists within in-house training system and getting training in other organizations.

Professional personnel development, including development under strategic, professional and compulsory training programs

  • Training, retraining and advanced training (6 323 employees)

  • 7 employees got training under the Presidential Program of management development for RF national economy entities.

  • Training under innovative development programs (186 employees)

  • Training in labor safety and checks of its understanding (505 employees)

  • Training in modern computer technologies (877 employees)

  • Upgrading skill categories (100 employees), assigning skill categories (71 young workers)

Postgraduate education of scientific personnel and attending scientific-technical conferences

  • There are 24 Doctors of Science, 176 Candidates of Science, 1 RAS academician, 1 RAS corresponding member

  • In 2014 the Corporation postgraduate course got Appendix № 1.2 (series 90П01 № 0018398) for the unlimited license № 0665 of 26.03.2013 for conducting educational activity under scientific-teaching training program used at postgraduate courses in 3 specialties.

  • In 2014, 14 engineers were admitted to the Corporation postgraduate courses, 12 specialists were taken to postgraduate study by correspondence; 2 specialists wee admitted to full-time post-graduate study

  • 1 postgraduate student from the Corporation defended thesis for Candidate of Science degree

  • In November 10-14, 2014 the Corporation hosted the XXth Scientific-Technical Conference for young scientists and specialists. More than 450 representatives from 78 leading enterprises and higher educational establishments took part in the conference activities. In the course of the conference 418 reports were heard, including 153 reports from RSC Energia, 30 reports from ZAO ZEM

  • 49 specialists and postgraduate students from RSC Energia participated in 36 scientific-technical conferences

Annual assessment and certification of personnel as an instrument for managing employees performance and personnel development

  • Annual assessment (6 007 employees)

  • Annual individual plans for each employee are developed; potential personnel reserve is kept (315 employees)

  • Employees certification (1995 employees) (on a regular basis)

  • Young specialists certification after the first and the third year of work (146 employees)

  • 25 sociologic studies in the Corporation (2675 employees were polled)

Sports-physical culture events and cultural work among the masses

  • Physical culture and sports development Program is developed and approved.

  • Sports festivals, football and volley-ball tournaments were held.

  • Corporation teams were successful at the tournaments organized by Federal Space Agency and at the tournament in Korolev.

Patriotic education

  • RSC Energia’s Board on patriotic education of citizens is established.

  • Events devoted to the memorable dates of the country and national cosmonautics: (107th anniversary of academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev birth; 15years since the pioneer launch of Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) Zenit-3SL from the sea-based Sea Launch Cosmodrome in the Pacific Ocean; Cosmonautics Day – the International Day of the first man-in-space flight, the Victory Day of the Soviet people who defeated the enemy in the Great Patriotic War; 68th anniversary of the date of S.P.Korolev RSC Energia foundation .

Youth policy

  • Boards of young specialists operate in RSC Energia as well as the Board of young employees in ZAO ZEM.

  • Young personnel development is conducted in the following areas: scientific-technical; social, cultural; sports; patriotic.

  • 60 young specialists took part in the VIth rally of the students from technical institutes; 30 young employees participated in sessions of the Scientific-Technical Board, conferences, scientific readings, lectures; 60 young specialists attended the VIth annual rally of young engineers from rocket-space industry enterprises at holiday hotel Vostok (Tuapse);
    7 young employees from RSC Energia took part in Donor’s Days at Russian children’s clinical hospital and municipal donor’s action called “Give life to a child!”.

  • 200 young employees attended youth team-building event “Planet Energia”; 16 young scientists and specialists participated in activities of the Xth anniversary youth All – Russian forum “Seliger – 2014”; 5 young specialists took part in the IVth International industrial educational program “Future engineers – 2014”.

  • Tutorage institution functions